Events and Team Building



This methodology aims to reinforce learning through a cookery based exercise. We will take the key learnings from a Leadership Programme or an L&D intervention and translate it into a dish or meal. Individuals or teams will be encouraged to represent their learning through an ingredient, dish or meal. The specifics of each project will need to be clarified but the concept is that food and cooking are memorable, especially in groups and positive memories from preparing and eating food will reinforce learning objectives.

Business Scenario – Problem Solving

Problem Solving Additional events can be organized to fit with specific objectives of the group for eg Business Scenario based on a ropes course at St Georges Park Football Centre of Excellence., or Wokefield Park, Reading. This challenges the group to achieve set objectives by utilizing their individual strengths, building trust and confidence in one another.

Yacht Racing

The group will be split into two teams, shown how to crew a racing yacht over 1-2 days and then it’s race time. See the competitiveness flow out, often from people you would least expect. This is a real adrenaline rush and delegates often get bitten by the bug and become sailors as a result.

Myers Briggs – Understanding difference

The MBTI tool enable individuals to understand themselves better in terms of how they see the world. Often, clashes or ‘poor chemistry’ between people are caused by distinct differences in personality type. Understanding and appreciating these differences within a group or team will usually harmonise working relationships and generally helps deliver better results.
(Accredited MBTI trainer)